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05:08 PM
Scores and Standings
Weekly Scores
The Steamrollers 105.20 Logan's Heroes 96.10
Mikey's Falco's 127.15 The Tigers 104.45
The Cougars 109.55 The Giants 66.70
Bob's Waterboys 113.80 The Illini 100.35
The Hooters 91.35 The Redbirds 65.20
The Buzzards 119.20 Orrkin's Army 84.55
NFL EFFINGHAM 2003 Standings after 2002 Week #13
Lombardi Conference
Landry Division
The Buzzards
Logan's Heroes
The Illini
Allen Division
Mikey's Falco's
The Cougars
Orrkin's Army
Halas Conference
Shula Division
The Hooters
The Tigers
The Steamrollers
Stramm Division
The Redbirds
The Giants
Bob's Waterboys

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